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The design of the building utilizes the planning conditions of the site which allows ample floor to ceiling heights for the floors of the building to admit sunlight and good cross ventilation.  

An ‘L’ shape floor plan is designed such that all residential flats will have the best unobstructed harbour views. The lower floors have smaller flats while larger flats occupy the upper floors. 8 duplex units are located at the top with penthouse terraces and private individual swimming pools. White ribbons of glass reinforced concrete features serves as sun shading to protect and unify the building. This façade design ties all the units together integrating all the balconies and air conditioning units. The background of the building is basic dark grey colour which contrasts with the white continuous ribbon giving it a distinct iconic look. Similar design with the podium allows the building to have an integrated holistic appearance.




Sai Ying Pun,




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