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Jockey Club Yan Hong Building

With the increase in demand of care and attention places for the visually impaired, Hong Kong Society for the Blind commissioned Design Consultants Limited to demolish the existing Yuen Long Home for the blind and redevelop a new home for 160 beds.

It is also necessary to find accommodation for the 80 residents of the Yuen Long Home during the demolition of their building. Therefore, a proposal is also made to alter and add to the  existing Tuen Mun Home for the Aged Blind to cater for this need.


Rehabilitation Residential

Site Area:

1,115 sqm


Yuen Long,




The present triangular site of approx. 1,050 sm at On Ling Road of Yuen Long is occupied by the existing Yuen Long Home for the Blind. A previous structural survey report of the existing building has revealed that it is in poor condition with water leakage and concrete spalling. The report has recommended redevelopment of the existing building.

Design Concept

The design of this 9 storey new home takes advantage of the On Ling Road frontage with the rooms facing this street. Due to noise from the street, bathrooms have been located at this street frontage acting as a noise barrier. An internal courtyard is designed around these rooms and the dining/ activities area for good ventilation. All the floors are connected by stairs with 4 lifts. The floors of the building are designed terracing towards a roof courtyard garden.

The building will consist of the following:-

Ground Floor       - Loading & Unloading, parking, lobby, optical shop, laundry and kitchen.
1st Floor             - Multi-purpose gathering area and activity rooms.
2nd Floor           - Admin & staff offices, visiting doctor & sick room, other activity areas.
3rd to 7th Floor   - 40 bedrooms for 160 residents with washrooms, dining & activity rooms.
8th Floor            - Staff accommodation and dining area.

Total gross floor area for this home would be around 6,400sm

In order to accommodate the 80 residents of the Yuen Long Home, one floor of rooms of Tuen Mun Home had been added to the roofs adjacent to the assembly hall. With staff areas on the Ground Floor altered to accommodated more bedrooms and staff offices. This solution was vital to allow demolition of the existing building in Yuen Long.

Additions and alterations to the Jockey Club Tuen Mun Home for the Aged Blind had been sarried within one and half years.

During this period, preparation of the design of the new Yuen Long Home was made. Upon completion of the Tuen Mun Home, residents moved in and demolition commenced in Yuen Long. It was anticipated an addition of one and half years for demolition and construction of the new home.

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